Amanda Balfour, Author
Historical Romance

Too Hard to Forget

Abandoned by her father and her fiancé, Nicole Waltham is forced to seek employment with Lady Scott when she has nowhere else to go. Against her better judgement, she becomes embroiled in a scheme of marriage by Lady Scott and her nephew. 

Notorious rake Lord Brandon Montagu needs a bride in order to collect his inheritance but is determined to remain independent, not letting marriage complicate his lifestyle.  Once married, he cannot let this spirited, courageous woman know she has captured his heart. If his past has taught him anything, it is love does not last.

Love blossoms between the reluctant lovers, but betrayal follows close on its heels. Her heart broken, Nicole flees to France into the middle of the French Revolution. Brandon must rescue the woman who is too hard to forget. Will he succeed, or will the guillotine claim both their lives?


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The Call of the Raven


Nominated for RONE Award
The story takes place in 1600 Scotland. Bethia MacKenzie and her family are besieged by Laird Ross Cameron. He wishes to possess Bethia against her wishes. He will stop at nothing to get what he desires. Morgan MacLeod comes across Bethia’s dying brother and promises to help his family. Bethia has the gift of second sight. She tries to runaway from her gift. In the end a raven calls her home and into the arms of the man she is destined to marry .

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Five Star Review: Itsy Bitsy Book Bits:This reminds me of a beautiful fairy tale, a newer version, but still similar in reasoning.  The knight in his plaid trying his best to save the damsel who just wants to save herself.  I'm not sure that is what Amanda was going for, but I really appreciated it.  To me it was so simple and pure, so delicate but yet so strong.  I was in the field, I heard the sheep bleating and the crows calling out in warning.  I saw the plaid and I smelled the sea water.  I was able to escape to another time, another place and with people who were so well written that I feel as if I know them.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a reprieve from daily life and who just want to escape to simpler time.

 Rumors Among the Heather


Juliana Hastings is heart broken by her father’s death, which has left her destitute.
To make matters worse she is jilted by her fiancé. She takes a position as a governess to Matthew MacDonald's nephew in Scotland. She did not expect love. Love was the last thing on her mind, but she had not met Matthew MacDonald yet. Determined not to give her heart to another libertine, she denies her growing newly awakened feelings for him.
With the Jacobite Rebellion over, Matthew is a fugitive. When he meets Juliana at their rendezvous, he is captured and believes Juliana has betrayed him. Unbeknownst to him Juliana helps him escape and then she flees the castle. Alone with no one to turn to, she tries to cross the mountains to get to the eastern side of Scotland and an aunt she has never met. Matthew pursues her with anger in his heart and a fierce determination.

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5 Star review from LAS Reviewer
Dramatic settings completely overshadowed by even more dramatic people characterize this gripping historical romance slash action novel...............78
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